Von der Plaza de España bis zum Castillo de Sebastián

Go for a sightseeing beginning from the „Plaza de Espana“ up to the city wall with a fantastic view on the blew ocean. Following the street to Alameda de Apodaca and Alameda Marqués de Comillas with the statue of the Cuban national hero José Marti. To relax a bit from the seightseeing tour you can go through the lovely park „Parque Genovés“. Towards the park there is the famous University of Cádiz. When you go straight on you reach the Castle Castillo de Santa Barbara and Castillo de San Sebastián which was part of the american film „Alatriste“ with the actor Viggo Mortensen.

Following the street near the beautiful ocean you reach Campo del Sur populated by many youngsters. From this place you have a great view to the Cathedral of Cadiz built in 1722.