Salar de Uyuni

Uyuni is one the most popular travel destinations in Bolivia. In former times Uyuni was very rich of his mineral sources. Arriving as a tourist at Uyuni there is nothing that remains of a flourishing city.

We had to hide under covers of Lama blankets trying to sleep with -10 degrees.

On the next day we went through the lonely city and stopped to eat in a restaurant where other tourists enjoyed their meal. Pizza was the only meal today said the cook. After offering pizzas for us a man of hasty step went outward. He came back with a bag flour on the arm and disappeared directly in the kitchen. After a few seconds he ran again towards the door bringing back with few eggs. We were surprised over this kind of food procurement. A third time the man ran to the market to get milk. Step by step we got our pizza.

The following day we went by bus with other dozy tourists to the Lake of Uyuni.

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