latin american culture

Latinamerica includes the countries from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego whose language comes from the latin language family. Haiti, Guana and French Guana don’t belong with the official languages French and English to latinamerica. Exept from Brasil with it’s portugues language the rest of the latinamerican countries has spanish speakers. The language unite them but due to area, to the history and the progess in every country it is difficult to speak of an united latinamerican culture. Surely you can find many similarities in different areas of life.

When you get closer to the culture of a country I recomend to inform you by means of visual and acustic medias like films. There is a large number of films of latinamerican productions which give a perfect impression of the continent.

Due to my bolivian roots the main focus of my website is on Bolivia. Therefore you find a travel guide written for bolivian travellers and interested persons. It is about the giving information about the bolivian culture in all it’s facets and to advice for an intercultural understanding.

To know more about Bolivia you can find a list of bolivian town worth to visit.


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